Specialized Advisory Services

Our consultants have a combined experience of over 35 years and hold the following professional certifications:


Security+CE | A+CE

Security Engineering

Delivering security perspectives to the systems engineering processes, activities, tasks, and products to develop, deliver, and sustain your systems; improve systems behavior in all modes of operation; during disruptions, hazards, and threat events and conditions and their associated consequences.

Information Technology and Help Desk Support

  • Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Linux

  • MacOS

  • Mobile Device Support

  • Networking

  • Operating Systems

  • Software Troubleshooting

  • Systems Administration

  • Technical Support

  • Virtualization

Systems Engineering

Technical Management

  • Project Planning

  • Project Assessment and Control

  • Decision Management

  • Risk Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Information Management

  • Measurement

  • Quality Assurance

Security Planning, Design, and Implementation

  • Business Analysis

  • Stakeholder Needs and Requirements Definition

  • System Requirements Definition

  • System Architecture Definition

  • System Design Definition

  • System Analysis

  • Implementation Guidance

  • Integration Guidance

  • Operational Guidance

  • Maintenance Guidance

  • Disposal Guidance

Risk Management

Assisting your organization in building a risk management program to:

  • Identify threat sources

  • Identify threat events

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Determine the likelihood of identified threat source triggers

  • Determine the adverse impacts to organizational assets

  • Determine information security risks


  • Small Business

  • Health Care

  • City, County, and State Municipalities

  • Educational Institutions